for 3G USB cards users in Egypt (for ubuntu users only), good news !!

I know this is too late but i wanted to share the experience here in Egypt, Ubuntu 10.8 now supports using the 3G cards out of the box !!, but dose it support our lovely 3 networks in Egypt ?!! yes it is !! i have tried it Vodafone and Itisalat and it worked great, you will configure your 3G card at the first time for less than 2 mints !! , i didn’t try MobiNil yet (but i am sure 99% it would work).

You can only connect and disconnect, No dashboard to show you the  used traffic,  so be careful and  avoid having any hurt-attacks when you checking the monthly bill :-s

Hello world!

1717425332_20132ab571yes this is me again, it has been a while since last post in Arabic, this is the first post in English.
I didn’t post in English before so be careful, you may find some dangerous grammar errors popping in your face, but don’t worry it will be getting better sooner ,let’s just get started.